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ASISTO is an experimental platform for professional care givers (speech therapists, doctors, ...) who want to computerize their speech therapy practice. ASISTO offers tools for recording responses, for perceptually rating them and for fully automatically analyzing them using speech technology.

As part of the therapy, you can give the care taker (often a child) a log-in code to practice at home. In that case, ASISTO offers you tools to follow up the progress that is being made by the care taker. Since the care taker communicates in his/her mother tongue, there is a care taker login per supported mother tongue.

As a care giver you can perceptually rate the care taker's responses yourself, but you can also engage someone else to do that in your place. In the latter case, this person must log-in as a human rater with a rater account you have set up for him/her.

Professional care giver Human rater
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